These programs have been pre approved for continuing education in a variety of industries.  Contact for details.  

AuditLab Workshop (For any experts that perform examinations or investigations)

This workshop is designed as a deep dive into the area where psychological science and data science merge, examining real cases and current issues of methods, measurement, patterns, and conclusions.  This event will feature constant interaction with the leader and small group case studies.  Topics of big data, skepticism, new technologies will be addressed.

 Innovation Workshop

Innovation is something we aren't very good at when we try to achieve it.  Innovation is tied to a type of interconnectedness in groups that is difficult to define - no single recipe exists for it - you can't teach innovation, however you can learn how to recognize the ecosystem that supports it.  This hands-on, interactive workshop simulates the environments that breed innovative and open thinking and delves into the neuroscience behind why it works.